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Strategic brands designed to attract your ideal client and fill you with confidence from your first day in business.

I'm Carmen Vidal

I’m a brand designer, marketing enthusiast, and communication strategist.

I help small businesses & entrepreneurs build brands that speak to their ideal clients and websites that convert visitors into customers.


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Don't worry, this is different.

Have you ever got a bad haircut? You tried to explain yourself to the lady, and you wanted to go more into detail and show her more of those pinterest pictures you pinned before coming, but you didn’t want to overwhelm her either… And then boom. Disaster. Well, don’t worry, this is different.

we talk every detail

I want you to feel listened to. This is not “I hope my designer got what I meant”. Here, we sit down and talk things out until we are sure we are on the same page!

we get strategic

Design and marketing thinking go hand by hand here. Our brands are strategically crafted and our websites are designed to convert users into clients.

we have fun with it!

Entrepreneurship can be exhausting, but this is where we have the fun. This is where we dream, and envision, and get all emotional because it’s your business and it’s your story.

Let's talk!

Whether you’re ready to start crafting or you are not sure about what you want, leave me a message! I would love to hear from you and your business.