A bakery rooted in tradition in El Paso, Texas. A clean rebrand to lend a small business a more elevated look while retrieving its original essence as a Mexican pastry-shop.

From Me to You

A collection of personalised postcards I give to my friends in special occasions. They are the perfect excuse to express to them why I love them.


A soft visual identity for a kids’ underwear brand. Softness & sustainability are the central tenets of the brand, which shine through in the pastel Mediterranean visuals.


A glimpse of my life through personal Tiktok content.

Textile patterns

A collection of textile patterns commissioned by a children’s underwear and swimwear brand.

Cronos Europa

An animated invitation to Cronos’ Christmas party.


A rebellious visual identity that puts females in the spotlight of a male-dominated industry.


A chic brand for a veterinarian’s line of dog accessories.


Greenlight, a London-based organisation that provides medical support to the homeless, This rebrand emphasises its core values—light, community, and love—using the “ee” of its logo. For opportunities to volunteer or donate, visit hillsong.co.uk/greenlight.