Hello there!

My name is Carmen, I am a brand and web designer, marketing enthusiast, and communication strategist. 

I’m an expert at putting myself in your client’s shoes, at designing competitive brands that stand-out in an over-crowded market, and at crafting messages that make your ideal clients go like “yo, this is what I meant”.

Obviously, all of this while being asthetically delightful.

Just from the fact that you are here I can tell that we have so much in common.

I asked instagram to send questions...

A nickname you go by?
"Carmenita". I used to dislike it, because it's actually a misspronounciation, but a lot of people I love started using it and now I think it's cute! 
If you could have a super power?
I would say healing. Although flying would be pretty cool too, huh.
What's the worst thing you've ever done?
As a kid, I once used a key to write my name on a rented car Carrie Underwood-style.
A movie that made you cry?
This is probably an odd answer... but, Interestellar. In a very random scene too, you know that moment -SPOILER ALERT- when his helmet cracks? Well. I cried.
A funny fact about you?
Dark chocolate makes me sneeze lol!
What inspires your work as a designer?
The arts. I see so many points of convergence between graphic design and fine arts, fashion, architecture, music, film, or even literature.

The magical story


Let me start by saying that I am proud of you for being here:

Were you one of those people who hated it when someone asked you “what do you want to major in?” I was. I had no clue. 

All my life I had been the shy science student whose classmates would occasionally ask her for a drawing. I was always the designated person when it came to designing cover pages and picking fonts for group projects. The one who would convince everyone not to use comic sans on their PowerPoints. Or, even worse… papyrus.

Ew. Moving on:

Even though I intentioned on majoring in a science field, I did something really YOLO during my last year of high school. I decided to switch to an art-focused school. I was scared I would be light-years behind from everyone else, but you never know unless you try, right? Turns out, my senior year was a huge success: I was named class president, my face became the yearbook’s cover, and I graduated with honors top of the class. Not bad for a newbie, huh?

Still, “too risky of a career path” —I told myself.

After graduating, during my college-acceptance exams (sort of like the SAT), something magical changed my life forever:

It was the day of my design exam (yes, those exist) —a tough assignment which average score is a 60/100. In case I wasn’t nervous enough, the examinator stood right behind me, looking over my shoulder the WHOLE entire time.

“I must have messed up reeeeal bad” —I thought.

As I was grabbing my things to go home, one of my teachers ran up to me, pointed to the examinator and said: “Do you see that guy? He is the Head Designer, he says you have a natural skill”. WOW. You know what? I had asked for no sign, no miraclous anything, but this was IT; the universe giving me one last heads up to change my mind completely. For the first time, I saw things crystal clear. That day, I allowed myself to pursue the career of my dreams. And here I am! Loving every bit of my job and being so grateful that it allows me to be inspired by so many dream-chasers like yourself. So here is this:

If you are here, you’re obviously after something big, hopefully something you love so much it steals your sleep; something super scary, but equally exciting. In case no one told you yet: I’m proud of you for choosing to go for it.

And now,

let's get started

shall we?

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